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The quickest route to a kick ass outfit is ridiculously outstanding accessories. The right statement necklace, earrings or bracelets can instantly and magically transform you and your outfit into an eye popping show stopper. Accessories are always the finishing touch. Inspired by the magical culture of Indonesia, “Joy Jewellery” started its journey in 1996 through the most exiting places of the world to eventually return to Europe.

As the sole distributor of  “Joy Jewellery” in Europe, Lora di Lora is experiencing great success and extremely high demand.
This comes as no surprise with such high quality 925 sterling silver jewellery with its Italian detailed  ingredients.

Joy Jewellery4 Joy Jewellery3Joy Jewellery2 Joy Jewellery1

I fell in love with Joy Jewels a long time ago. For years these rinkling and twinkling handmade silver charm bracelets have brought a bright smile and a little extra joy into my life. Every time I wear them people demand to know where there from. Because when you think about it: where exactly are we without the little joyful pleasures that can make us smile? More = More.

by  Lora  di  Lora


Joy Jewellery  www.joyjewellery.nl

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