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When you’re invited to experience a lovely treatment at an amazing spa, it is not an invitation you decline. I had the privilege to visit one of the two houses of Elemis from which one is based in London and one in Miami. The Galvanic treatment is based on a specific protocol starting with a thorough skin analysis as you can see described below.

Just like any other physical workout this micro currant facial weight lifting technique (which comes close to deep tissue  facial massage) stimulates collagen production with the help of products that will help your skin glow to the moon and back.

During this relaxing Biotec facial treatment, due to the locked  out outside noises and the adjustable colored lightening my nostrils were tickled by the scent of the pro collagen cleanser balm (which I fell in love with) and the papaya cleansing balm. The whole pro collagen anti-wrinkle range contains 15 items and is something that is definitely worth looking in to. The rehydrating ginseng toner says it all.

A hydrating tones with a long-lasting uplifting effect  that I can recommend anyone who loves thorough cleansing material that not only does the trick but doesn’t harm the skin.  If you visiting London put a visit to the House Of Elemis on your bucket list. It’s located on the corner of picturesque Lancashire court where you can indulge in refreshments while fashionable people watching as you go.

About Elemis

In 1989, Entrepreneur, Investor & Co-Founder Linda Steiner had a dream to formulate a retail range ‘as near to nature as possible’ with ‘no expense spared’ creating ELEMIS in 1990 in London. Noella Gabriel joined the founding team as a leading professional therapist and educator of the Elemis range. Sean Harrington soon joined forces to help change the direction of Elemis to provide a range for professional salons and spas, whilst Oriele Frank joined to push the boundaries of the brand and develop Elemis through innovative marketing, packaging, design and new product development.

The scientific objective has always been to provide skin and body care of the highest quality and efficacy. Blending superior botanicals and laboratory-made ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants, we create formulations that undergo meticulous clinical and consumer testing. Elemis is dedicated to delivering products that visibly renew and enhance the appearance of skin, offering amazing results.

For more information: ELEMIS 

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