Absolue L’extrait Eye Balm – Elixer by Lancôme & Black Crystal Light Edition

Eye balms that actually work  are a treat. I’ve tried many and gave my honest opinion. This eye balm actually took me by a pleasant surprise. It launched this month and I’ve been trying it for a few weeks. The balm is rich at first but becomes an Elixer when applying. What I like about the balm slash elixir is that it makes you look rested, illuminates the skin  around the eye area and has my eye contour looking radiant.

Lancome Extrait Yeux

The petal applicator works together with the eye patch and does the actual trick. You can use the mask patches on top of a thin layer of eye balm elixir once a week for 10 minutes to provide you skin with a great special effect, taking on a whole new skincare dimension. The Absolue L’ extrait Eye Balm comes with a little price tag though, but you don’t need a lot to get the results your aiming for.
Lancome L’EXTRAIT Black Crystal Light Edition - 50 ml 1500 €

In 2013 the Absolue L’Extrait, Élixir de Régénération Ultime saw the light. This extraordinary crème is inspired by recent studies concerning stem cells. It’s a luxurious combination of science and nature with the ability to regenerate the skin. Lancôme celebrates the first anniversary of this best seller. The pot has a numbered edition of 800 pieces and is made from pure black Chrystal, “onyx”. Cost much? The Black Crystal Limited Edition is €1500 for 50 ml.

Lancome L’EXTRAIT EYE BALM + 6 EYE PATCHES 15 ml 320 € Lancome L’EXTRAIT EYE BALM + 6 EYE PATCHES 15 ml 320 €


For the Netherlands exclusively available thru the Bijenkorf: Amsterdam, Den Haag en Eindhoven.



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