Akro Perfumes – AWAKE

Akro comes from the French word ‘Accro’ which means Addict. It’s a simple word with a modern sound. It’s about embracing light and shadows, creating a group of scents that challenge you and, promise to be anything but boring.

Akro is the brainchild of three distinct personalities who have crossed cities, disciplines, and mindsets to create a unique fragrance brand. For Akro, tteh right scent can make all the difference. For instance the smell of a freshly brewed morning coffee, a cold breeze, or a smokey blast of bourbon falling into ice.

Our favorite scent isn’t always the obvious flower or fruity fragrance, yet a particular whiff of a smell that can be a trigger all on its own, transporting you to that special place or special moment in time.

Akro developed six very interesting perfumes with names such as
Haze, Awake, Smoke, Dark, Malt, and Night.

I’ve had the privilege to discover Awake, an uplifting cocktail containing Balkans Santos Coffee, Green Cardamom, Italian Lemon, Haitian Vetiver.
A truly lovely scent with a tasty bite due to Santos coffee resembling the scent of fresh coffee when you enter your favorite coffee shop. And now you don’t even have to leave the house for it. (100 ML|€140)

AKRO fragrances are available HERE

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