Beauty & Lifestyle: Meet International make-up artist Anita Jolles

When I met Anita for an artistry chat the first thing I saw we had in common is our passion for jewellery. Next to that I am very fond of the handwriting when it comes to artistry. Time for a têteà-tête with international make-up artist Anita Jolles.

AR: How long have you  been a make-up artist?

AJ:  My whole life I’ve been fascinated by make- up, art and beautiful clothes. I thank my mother for that. She has a great taste. She always told me: go for quality! In very thing you do. I graduated in fine arts (1998) and started with make- up courses in 2003. I’m working in the artistry business for 12 fulltime years.

I love my job so much, it’s wonderful thing that my career and my passion came together. I started as a painter, developed myself into a make- up artist. I am very grateful to meet so many nice people and get the chance to travel to the most beautiful places in the world. I really hope I can continue this for many more years.

AR: Do you have a make-up ritual? What do you use on a daily basis?

AJ: Yes I have! But it’s more a beauty ritual than a make-up ritual, I don’t wear that much make up. When I wake up I start with some fresh air, hot ginger tea with lemon and honey, take a shower, put some Egyptian Magic on my face and begin my 20 minutes of mediation session. When I leave my house I only put some mascara on. My favourite one at the moment is the dramatic one of YSL. Only at the top of my lashes.

AR: What are your favorite skincare products?

AJ: Egyptian Magic, RMS Beauty, AS.AP are my favorites at this moment.


AR: What are the backstage make-up trends for spring/summer 2015?
AJ: One of the backstage I like very much is the barely- there foundation skin, pretty pink cheeks. It has to be “minimal” and “real” for me. Of course I like to paint on faces as well, but the skin has to be perfect before I put anything else on it.

AR: What are your favorite products to work with on the job?
AJ: My very favorite products on the job are: M.A.C Cosmetics Pro, Laura Mercier, RMS Beauty, ASAP, Chanel

AR: What are your favorite hair trends and what are your favorite products?
AJ: When it comes to my favorite hair trends & products I can tell you curls are coming back, which I love. All-time favourite is still Kevin Murphy for me. I like every product!

AR: What’s your most favorite relaxing experience?
AJ: Eating tasty fish under a palm tree and enjoying endless ocean view with my family.

AR: It seems you’re a big fan of beautiful jewellery? What’s the story, and where do you get them from?

AJ: All my jewellery have a story. Some I inherited from family. One ring I adore so much because my mother bought it from her first salary. Next to that I’m wearing four wedding rings: my own, my two grandmothers and my father’s one. All different colours gold. My last big treasure is a ring with silver and gold and a huge labradorite stone. I love the colour green.

AR: Do you have any favorite or upcoming fashion designers you would like to share with us?
AJ: An upcoming fashion designer I adore at the moment is Simone Rocha. Very modern, classic and chique.

AR: What is your most favorite hotspot and why?
AJ: It’s difficult to make a choice but a favourite hotspot in my hometown is Lavinia good food. They serve fabulous organic breakfast and lunch.



Anita Jolles is represented by ERIC ELENBAAS AGENCY



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