AVÈNE Cicalfate + Repairing Protective Cream + Eau Thermale Water

Cicalfate Repair Cream is a soothing, skin protective cream, especially for dry and /or irritated skin. It’s not drying, the formula soothes the skin and helps to recover the skin barrier as quickly as you can say: hydration. Celebrated by skincare lovers Cicalfate helps to quickly repair the moisture barrier and to ensure your skin stops feeling so uncomfortable.

Also really nice is the Avène Eau Thermale water. Soothing hydrating water you can use at any point of the day. Thermal Spring Water is the key ingredient of all Avène skincare products. It saturates the skin with hydrating, soothing antioxidant water. I love the fact it can be applied any moment of the day whenever your skin needs hydrating refreshment.

Use it before and after applying make-up and during the day. You’ll love it as much as I do. (150 ML | € 12,20)


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