Flawless Face Video For Darker Toned Skin

Dark skin needs special attention to unify skin tone, downplay overly prominent features and focus on the upper third of the face. The structure of facial features and the evenness of skin color are important in order to create a great look. Always avoid oil based products to make your makeup last longer since dark skin has a tendency to reject makeup.

For foundation, select an oil-free tone that matches your normal skin tone. Choose a tone slightly darker for shading and contouring. Wet/dry foundations work well on dark skin. Always use a loose powder, like Laura Mercier mineral pressed loose powder in ‘Warm Chestnut. It will absorb oil and avoid a shiny look.

The eyes can be accented with dark browns, prunes, copper and burgundies. Avoid light, powdery colors and iridescent color that covers the whole eyelid. A light brushing of loose, translucent powder over the lid will give a subtle glow for evening glamour. Use black mascara.

Add blush with shades of cocoa, dark peach, dusty pink or cinnamon. If your nose is wide, slim it by using a secret camouflage to shade the sides with a darker tone and the top of the nose with a lighter tone. Remember to blend well.

If your brows are too thick, thin them just enough to brush them neatly. If more of an arch is desired, draw in the shape that you like and tweeze below the line. Never use a black pencil alone on your brows; it’ looks better when using a combination of gray and black or soft brunette.

Lip colors with berry shades, plums, and all shades of browns look great with dark skin. Also beiges, gold and soft pinks work well.

Generally these colors work well: Nude pinks, nude beiges, mochas, coffees, mahoganies, chocolates, berry shades, deep berry shades, dark plums, wines, burgundies.

Avoid orange shades, they will wash you out!!!

Ckeck out this ‘Dutch’ turorial about darker toned skin:

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