Becca Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation & Glass Highlighter for Face + Lips

The Becca Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation promises to contain the skin-smoothing benefits of a foundation without the pigment while letting your skin shine through by using a clear Light Blur technology to manipulate light to visibly smooth skin and blur the appearance of imperfection.

It contains hyaluronic Acis, is silicon free but still controls oil all day while giving the skin the hydration it needs. The so-called “foundation” should work on days when you want to take a break from a full face of make-up but still want to even out your complexion. The no pigment Virtual Foundation is referred to as a splash of cold water, as the gel-like texture cools your skin leaving a transparent matte finish.

Tip: leave it in the fridge to enjoy the a little extra cooling experience.

The question is: does it really work? I am not convinced as to me it looks and feels like a primer with a light blurring effect. Would you add a foundation on top it doesn’t blend very well. Especially when the Becca Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation has not tried down completely. And you all know I’m very experienced in the blending and mixing department.

As it does not contain an SPF you would need to wear an SPF on top, preferably a spray so it won’t rub on just applied virtual no pigment foundation. The product is silicon-free which I like, it’s an easy universal color-free way to add a plumping yet matte effect to the skin, and it won’t look like you’ve applied anything at all because in color you haven’t.

The No Pigment Glass Highlighter for face and lip is cute. It’s a multi-use gloss for face and lips that gives skin a wet look (to be used as a highlighter on the high point of the face) glass like effect. On your lips it’s a acts as a high shine lipgloss without the stickyness.

So when you literally want to experience the make-up no effect, this would be your go-to product. Enjoy!

BECCA is available HERE

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