BIOEFFECT Body Intense – Natural Beauty in a bottle

After the successful launch of the BIOEFFECT  skincare range including the BIOEFFECT face serum which I think really works, this Icelandic brand recently launched a skincare product for the body. A serum to be exact. It promises to replenish, firm, hydrate and soften the skin off all skin types. Now that a sentence to my heart.

After trying it for a while I discovered that some rough skin areas reduced really quickly and that the appearance of my skin is not only more toned, it feels even softer as well. The main ingredient is EGF, a natural protein that is based on plant extracts. Wheat plants are used to produce the EGF protein making the BIOEFFECT products naturally ant-aging, resulting in a more fresh looking appearance.

The only downside is that it’s somewhat sticky, which means that I prefer using it at night instead of during the day. The best time to apply it is after showering at night and use it sparingly. Your skin can only take some much in.

BIOEFFECT Body Intense

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