Bioeffect Daytime Creme for an Improved Complexion

After the lauch of the succesfull Bioeffect serum, which I like especially during travelling,  Bioeffect is launching a new product. Where the Bioeffect starts in the evening, the new anti-aging daycreme finishes it off for an maximal effect. Resulting in lovely radiant skin.

What it does? Just as the Bioeffect serum this anti- ageing daycreme contains the natural protein EGF. A younger skin produces enough EGF to maintain its youth, but as we get older the natural production process reduces. Unfortunately resulting in reduction and lack of skin elastacity and firmness. The EFG cellular activator boosts the skin’s natural ability to renew itself. It is adviseable to use the Bioeffect for day and the Bioeffect EGFserum during the night.

What else could a girl want? What I like about it, is that is has quick absorption, for the girl on the go, leaving my skin soft, fresh, and ready to apply make- up in an instant. It will help to rehydrate and strenghten the skin. Furthermore, and just as important, it does not contain parabens and can be used on all skintypes and works magical wonders on mature skin.


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