Black Up – Colourful Make-up For Darker Toned Skin

In my humble opinion Black up is a rather overlooked beauty brand for darker toned skin. Off and on I have experienced several Black Up makeup products and was pleasantly surprised with the results when the CC crème hit the counters. This cc (color corrective cream) is suitable for darker toned skin and has a nice structure while blending in easily leaving a perfect glow.

Next to that it has benefits, naturally. It gets rid of excessive sebum, targets uneven skin tone and dark spots. It acts like a skincare product to correct flaws over the long term, comes in five colors and can be used as a primer, which I like, a lot. After that I tried the blush.

The 12 new shades of black

It enhances cheeks with a shimmering glow featuring fuchsia, coral, mandarin and reds. Contouring the face features with rich neutral shades such as burgundy or iced chestnut. Available in matte or iridescent, they have been developed with a silky texture that blends perfectly along the facial contours to avoid excess and create multiple effects. A little too stained for my taste yet when blended well it can give you the ‘just went to the beach look’ in an instant.

What I do like is a blendable and well pigmented eye shadow and I absolutely adore these eye shadows on a day to day basis. When it comes to the lips the lip lacquers are quite stained and hold on to the lips all day. If you’re looking for a lipstain in the form of a gloss, then this is it. I would recommend mixing the laquer or applying it sparingly to avoid any stickiness or over colored lips during daytime.

If you’re a women of color and are seeking advice regarding what to purchase please do visit:

Black Up lip Laquer 18,50 Black-Up CC Creme 34 euroBlack Up Blush 

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