BXXLGHT Love – When In Doubt Wear Red

BXXLGHT is a Swedish design company founded in 2013 that designs light boxes in Plexiglas with different led light techniques. I have been wanting one of these for ages and finally found a perfect spot for one of these pretties. The difficult part was to choose. Eventhough quotes such as: Welcome To Paradise, Normal is Boring and Good Morning Sunshine sounds very appealing, When In Doubt Wear Red were the letters I was aiming for. All letters on the light boxes are changeable so that’s a big extra.


You can have your  favorite quote or phrase custom made. The light box is a design product and at the same time a design lamp. The performance of the light boxes can vary; you have it standing on the floor, on a bookshelf or place it on the wall.


Due to the led technique it spreads a soft and cozy light. You can imagine that I’m not able to suppress my smile every time I pass the box light, especially when I’m wearing a kick ass red lipstick. Speaking of which; one of my very favorites is the Lip Maestro by Armani contoured with Ruby Woo lip pencil by M.A.C. Cosmetics.

Check it out. I’m certain you’ll want one…



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