Bye Bye Summer. Hello Fall. Hair Trends For Fall 2013

Say goodbye to the summer and let’s welcome the fall. It is time for a fall-proof hairstyle that matches the beautiful dark outfits.  Think Dark Blue, Burgundy and dark green. As fall calls for a new hairdo, I’ve already scheduled a hairdresser appointment and am very excited as I am going to choose from one of the following trends below. The hairdo I’m leaning to the most? Bangs. Definitely bangs…

Hairtrends fall 2013 Hairtrends fall 2013

Hairtrends Fall 2013  Catwalk Hairtrends 2013

Catwalk Hairtrends 2013 Catwalk Hairtrends fall 2013 4

Naturally, I will keep you posted on the outcome.

By Santusha Kana

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