Caption Polish: Nail Lacquer With The Results Of A Salon Gel Manicure

One of my favorite ‘me-time’ activities is doing my nails. For me, it is ultra important to have beautiful, polished nails, as this is like your personal invitation card.  We are all fan of the popular shellak as your nail polish does not chip and lasts longer, which saves us time.

Caption Polish is  available for the DIY gel-like fans. This nail polish acts like a gel without the UV rays or mandatory professional removal at the nail salon.

The initial product launch comes with 60 different colors and 18 different nail effects. The nail polish contains a patented ingredient called LacQ3 that gives nails a high-octane shine including shellak and dries very quickly. It does not chip for about 10 days.

You can create your own kit via the website Caption Polish which contains of a Base Coat, your choice of Core Color, Top Effect & Top Coat.

Caption Nails

A definite musthave this year.

By Santusha Kana

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