Citroën C4 Cactus Test Drive in Paris

Citroën C4 cactus

Citroën C4 cactus

When I was asked to test drive the new Citroën C4 cactus it was easy choice to make. And can you imagine a better place to do the test than exciting Paris? As I drive a BMW vintage Z3 that has a fierce grip on the road due to the low seating, I must say that I loved the high roadholding of the C4. The steering weel looks like a stretched –O- which has a nice feel to it. The leg space is good and the back seat and trunk carry enough space for suitcases and souvenirs. The navigation system is on point.

Citroën C4 cactus

Driving the highway at 140 km an hour is an easy does it. You don’t notice it at all. After setting the cruise control you can sit back and enjoy the ride. I can even drink coffee on a bumpy road without spilling due to a good suspension. When approaching Paris centre, I sit up straight knowing I have to maneuver quick and step on it to be able to get ahead. The power steering is supple, the acceleration fast, and very welcome.

Citroën C4 cactus

If you actually live in Paris and don’t have a garage, driving this baby for blocks and blocks to find a parking spot might me a slight problem due to the lenght of the car. As parking spaces in Paris are tight, the sensor system and very handy rear camera does not only tells you, but shows you in detail on the monitor how much space you have left which I thought was a great help during my Paris tour.

Would I drive in it again? Bien sur! The car has all the essential facilities, carries enough airbags (inside and out) to feel safe and is very travel friendly.

Citroën C4 cactusCitroën C4 cactus

Feel like test driving the new Citroën C4 cactus yourself? Well you can! Apply by clicking this link and /or share your favorite weekend hotspot. Don’t forget to use the #LoveC4Cactus hashtag. Go for it!


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