Review: Clear difference advanced Blemish Collection by Estee Lauder

I haven’t had blemishes for a while yet all of a sudden there popping up like late summer popsicles. Estee Lauder came to the rescue and these products have been waiting patiently for me to try it for quite a while. Since the launch in May of this year to be exact. The Clear difference advanced Blemish Serum is a grown-up solution to blemishes and helps to reduce them and prevents from new ones popping up unannounced.

If it works? I have been using it for two weeks in a row, especially at night. Having darker toned (thicker structure of the skin) skin only postpones the results as it generally takes ages for skin to heal. Due to the power of salicylic acid that helps to stop the breakout cycle, there is a positive  difference in how the surface of my skin looks. Pores are refined and the oily patches on my skin diminished.

Over the same period of time I used Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Creme with an SPF 35. It helps to conceal blemish marks, pores and flaws with a specially formulated tint. You don’t need much to achieve a flawless looking complexion making it a great plus. I recommend to try it if you have blemishes every now and then and want to get rid of them fast.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish collection | From 38 euro


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