Clinic 28 Instantly Eyelift

Recently I was introduced to Instantly Eyelift which we probably can all use so near to the of the year. This beauty promises to help the expression muscles relax while the glycerine works as a moisture humectant. The serum also contains Pentapeptide-18 that promises to diminish expression lines.

Well, that’s a lot of promises. I’ve tried the Instantly Eyelift a couple of times and you can actually see the fine lines around the eyes diminish and the area tighten a little. A real miracle worker.

I will have to try it a little longer to see the full on effect.
I’ve tried at night time but it’s a nice catch that you can use it underneath make-up before applying concealer. It’s definitely worth a try if you feel like starting the new year with a fresh as ever gaze.

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