Curaloe – the skincare plant in a bottle

The moment I was introduced to the Curaloe collection I was hooked. The Aloe Vera body gel is one if my favorite products from the range. It can be used as a body lotion and as an after-sun. It contains more than 95% pure Aloe Vera. The gel cools and calms the skin after sunbathing and reduces sunburn. Due to active ingredients Aloe Vera is able to incorporate four times faster.

Next to that it strengthens the skin capacity while hydrating and softening the skin. The lavender oil improves the skin elasticity, and helps to diminish acne. A big hooray for the Tea Tree oil as an ingredient as it effectively helps to control Psoriasis and eczema. (250 ml | € 25,95)

When you feel enthusiastic about the body gel make sure to try one of my other favorite product like the Aloe Vera facial toner. It refreshes the skin and gives the appearance of smaller pores while helping to restore the a balance PH of the skin. It contains 75% of pure Aloe Vera. (150 ml |€ 21,95 )

The Aloe Vera night cream is a combination of Aloe Vera extract, African Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin C which will help to improve the skins firmness and softness. It contains 70% Pure Aloe Vera. (50 ML | € 26,95 )

I think it’s a fresh approach to skincare that will help to improve the quality of the skin.

CURALOEis also available HERE for the Netherlands

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