Daisy Twinkle by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has released a new edition to its Daisy By Marc Jacobs collection. Inspired by summer vibes Daisy Twinkle brings out all of the right senses to get you in summer mood.

The brand has unveiled three new scents: Daisy Marc Jacobs Twinkle Edition, a combination of wild berries, violet flower and white woods; Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Twinkle Edition which combines raspberry, violet flower, rose blossoms and crème de cassis and Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs Twinkle Edition, with top notes of black cherry and a base of white florals and berry mousse.YUMMMM (50 ML | € 56,89)

Daisy Twinkle is available thru ICIPARISXL

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