Delilah Ultimate Radiance Take Cover Concealer

This super smooth hydrating concealer blends to conceal a multitude of sins. From tired eyes and blemishes to redness leaving you with an even skintone and bright complexion. If you’re thinking; yeah, that nice, but that’s what everybody says, you should definitely try if for yourself to experience the benefits.

The concealer contains Acanthium flower that extracts to assist the natural process of cell generation helping to repair imperfections and hide the signs of fatigue while vitamin E helps to keep the skin looking youthful. It acts as an antioxidant. See, I knew I would catch your attention.

Good to know that this product is paraben free and suitable for vegans. Take cover comes in four shades: Ivory, Stone, Marble and Cashmere.  (3,5 ml | € 30)

Delilah Ultimate Radiance Take Cover Concealer is available HERE

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