Ella K Reflet Sur L’Okavango & Cri Du Kalahari

Olivier, as someone who is both determined and impulsive had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of Ella Maillart. This changed his life and led him down the path creating this exciting and relevant brand. As he’s always had a nose for perfume bringing Ella K to life has been carried out with care and enthusiasm.

Ella K introduces two new fragrances, the African duo; Reflet Sur L’Okavango & Cri Du Kalahari that together epitomize the journey thru Botswana. Ella K founder has a true wanderlust and together with her husband they travelled to Zimbabwe, Namibie and Botswana with the book Out of Afrika as inspiration source.

Both perfumes are quite powerful, and takes you on a journey on its own but the Cru de Kalahari stole my heart. Reflet Sur L’Okavango has a flowery twist to it. The perfume contains orange blossom, jasmine, mandarin, rose, ylang ylang, moss,Tonka bean, vanilla and musc.

Cri du Kalahari has something delicate yet powerful inspired by the majestic baobab, a woody scent where green pepper, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli come together. Your perfume is your message, wear it as your scented slogan (75 ML | €195)

The Ella K perfumes are available at Skins Cosmetics

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