The Exquisite &Other Stories Candle Collection

&Other Stories tends to bring a smile of joy to my face. The fashionable brands not only carried the most beautiful original design, it’s a walhalla for beauty and candle lovers. For this autumn – winter 2014 &Other Stories collaborated with a well-known perfume designer. The collection has four candles inspired by the two cities where &Other Stories has there atelier; Paris & Stockholm. Two of them are inspires by places in Paris. The marble stairs in the &Other Stories atelier and the garden at the French shop. The other two were inspired by the atelier in Stockholm, the intern photo studio and the 7th floor were all the photography is done.

Other Stories candle | € 19

The candles are delicious. La Cour Jardin has a floral bite to it with Gardenia and white frangipani and some woody notes to finish it off. If you prefer a candle that is based on woody notes 7:e Våningen you will like. It contains leather, wood, cedar and violets and fresh Jasmine to name a few. Studion on the other hand is warm and embracing. Think coconut and Almond, lemon and the sweeter violet. Perfect for depressing cold and rainy days.

Le Cour Jardin by &Other Stories | € 19  7:e Våningen candle by &Other Stories | € 19

 Le Cour Jardin by & Other Stories Studion by &Other Stories | € 19   And Other Stories Antwerp

&Other Stories candles are available thru and in stores, as in for example the recently opened Antwerp store.
& Other Stories Amsterdam is coming soon…

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