The Fashion Elements Of Personal Style

The most money I’ve ever spent was on an accessory or arm candy, never a dress, said probably nobody but me. Take Jil Holstun for instance. Creative at heart, Christine comes from the Cachat world of fashion.

First as a luxury boutiques director, designer and finally as head of her own brand she has this innate sense for unexpected harmonies and daring combinations. The market was not offering what she was looking for so she decided to create it herself. I fell in love with her creations during a press launch at Kabana Resort Wear who carries my favorite beach wear by the way. Karra is the only one who carries the brand in the Netherlands. During travels to sunny destinations like Ibiza, I love to bring these items along.

Ibiza -01Ibiza-02

Ibiza-03Hacienda Na Xamena

Pretty chaos:

The secret is in balancing all the colors and shapes. Like a bright blue shirt from keep it a secret store mixed with a sequin skirt while the shapes and the garments all play off each other. When it comes to elements of style we should never take ourselves or an outfit too seriously. We should try to travel widely, don’t fret about our age, and don’t be afraid to stop traffic when wearing a kick-ass ensemble.

So what color looks good on you? Your best colors are those that make you look great. Your skin appears fresh, your eyes vivid, your smile bright and your hair lustrous and rich in tone. To discover them, hold up a white piece of paper to your face. If your cheeks look rosy and slightly blue, then your skin has blue undertones. If it looks more yellow or orange then the undertones are warm. Go for colors that enhance skin’s natural undertones.

Keep It A Secret StoreCaramelo Bag


Want your outfit to pop with high – contrast colors? Try complementary shades, which are opposite on the color wheel and make each other appear brighter when combined.

Whatever you do, just make sure you’re comfortable while wearing it.







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