F N G R P N T S has been developed in response to consumer demand, which is increasingly favoring products and services tailored to individual needs and desires.

After a start as a hairdresser and a successful career in the cosmetics industry, brothers Jeroen and Richard Wilmink had a dream: to develop their own cosmetics brand. In 2011 the brothers realized their dream and founded the cosmetics brand Oolaboo. Oolaboo believes in beauty on the outside, but the real beauty is created by taking just as much care on the inside.

The most important principle in the development of products is that everything we use in and on our bodies must be safe and as natural as possible. Because what is not safe enough for your mouth, Oolaboo does not use for your skin and hair. With F N G R P R N T S they go one step further with personalized tailor-made hair cosmetics.

How it works: you fill in the online consultation test where a series of questions are asked to determine your unique hair condition and personal hair wishes. Then the products are formulated to your needs. The test gives a complete overview of everything that can affect your hair and scalp needs and several factors are processed to determine the blend of ingredients needed to create your personal recipe.

What I also like is that the products are personalized with your own name on the bottle! I choose the Lemon Cheesecake scent for my shampoo and conditioner but you can also choose from Sandalwood Compote, Rose & Jasmine sorbet, or Vanilla Brûlée. The choice is totally yours. Add you’re preferable labels with color illustrations and wait for a week for the magic to happen. What are you waiting for?







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