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There is a new beauty hype in town, and it’s called Fountain. The few bottles I’ve tried are filled with a fluide form of beauty supplements and the quickest way to great looking skin and youthfulness. If it works? I am not sure yet, but I’m working on it. The beauty molecule (€ 27,99) has an easy going pomegranate taste to it. This hides the taste of Resvaterol that helps to reduce the aging process. I mix it with a fresh juice from the Versapers. As I eat healthy and drink lots of water and fresh juices I have not found a big difference in how my skin looks yet. Patience is a good thing and probably key.

The Beauty Molecule The Phyto Collagen Molecule The Super Green Molecule

The phyto collagen molecule (€ 39,99) supplement has a refreshing apple flavour to it, yet it made me feel a little nauseous at first. Now I mix it with juice which seems to work much better. This supplement is an active way of stimulating the collagen process. Just with two tea spoons a day it promises to reduce the aging process.

The Hyaluronic molecule The Hyaluronic molecule1

The Hyaluronic molecule2

As every little bit helps, I’ve also tried the Hyaluronic Molecule (€ 29,99) version. Up to now this is the one I like the best. This must be the ginger flavour which I love. The ginger also helps to speed up the absorption of the hyaluronic acid, and helps to keep muscles and joints supple. The pure Hyaluronic acid boosts and plumps the skin, literally from within.

The Super Green Molecule1

The Super Green molecule (€ 34,99) sounds promising, but I have not tried it yet. one tea spoon contains 40 mineral, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins and promises to maintain the PH value of one’s body. And let’s not forget Chlorophyll that keeps your energy level up and running. The flavour? Kiwi. It think I’ll be running to the tuinen tomorrow to get me some. What about you?



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