Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin – “Berlin in a bottle”.

While reviewing the Berlin Street Style – A guide to urban chique,  I came across a few comprehensive beauty pages. Excited to explore all of Berlin’s hidden beauty treasures Frau Tonis was one of many that caught my cosmetics minded attention.  Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin is a one of a kind perfume brand. The Wall Street Journal refers to it as: “ Berlin in a bottle”. If you are a perfume lover this should be one of the first addresses to run to when visiting Berlin to get your senses prickled by room scents and out the box perfume mixtures.

Frau Tonis 2

When I received the black-white parcel and started reviewing a few of the best-selling statement perfumes  I was impressed by the intensity, the depth and the high quality of the fragrances.

Frau Tonis  Frau Tonis Berlin

No. 11 Si tu Savais, No.58 Tulip and No.18 Bogota Berlin are well picked (as they are best sellers) and one of my favorites from the range so far, with No.58  and No.18 in particular. The Si tu Savais is fresh and crispy with a little citrus, soft white musk and hyacinth. Perfect for  summer days.  Summer please come back. The Tulip on the other hand has Geranium and Violet notes with a little blend of citrus notes which I love. Bogota Berlin has a special twist to it due to the peppery cedar wood and spicy vetiver that comes to the surface after bergamot and fig have shown themselves. A lovely blend for evening and autumn days.

Frau Tonis 3

If your curiosity has kicked in even just a little then don’t hesitate to order your own scent –box or two. Take a trip through the world of fragrances, ranging from room scent right up to “Eau de Berlin.” Book a fragrance taster course and you might even be leaving the shop holding your very own perfume.

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Zimmerstraße 13 (Checkpoint Charlie)

10969 Berlin

Online – shop:

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