We love Frédéric Malle – Editions de Parfums! And this is why…

Imagined by Andrée Putman and Frédéric Malle and designed by Olivier Lempereur, the first Editions de Parfums boutique is a tool to allow the most realistic and unadulterated presentation of fragrances, it also is a spot dedicated to the noses who created the scents. Thirdly, it is designed to conserve fragrances, in the same spirit as a wine cellar or a humidor.

37 Rue de Grenelle is a deep space divided into three sections. The first is a meeting place where passersby leave the street and enter into this special world. There, exposed in individual glass columns, are four fragrances in the collection, chosen because they fit the season and the mood of the moment.

The central room is devoted to storing and packaging of the products. In order to optimize their conservation, all the fragrances are stocked in refrigerated armoires. The back “room” – and it’s the most intimate – is devoted to “trying on” each product in a quiet setting where customers can reflect on the very personal choice of fragrance.

Olivier Lempereur has reinterpreted the laboratory, rendering it more luxurious and more welcoming. Crossing high-tech with luxe yields an ambiance that is warm and minimalist, the contemporary version of a curiosity cabinet.



Available thru www.skins.nl

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