Give Your Face a Lift at Knap Institute with Ultratone 

Forget expensive cosmetic face lifts and laser surgery, the Ultratone lifting facial is the natural way to achieve tone and lift for a younger and healthier looking face. Really? Well, I tend to think this facial actually works.

The treatment is based on three fases:

In the first fase (the kick-off fase if you will) the facial activator is applied. Thru 20 facial leads (as you can see in the picture) bio electric signales are given to the face. These signales penetrate deep into the layes off the skin. Think deep tissue, the lymfatic system, the blood circulation and let’s say the motor points of the muscles. These signals help with the contraction of the muscles, toning, lifting and strengthening.

In the second face the microwands are applied. The application of small pulsating (yes, you are reading that right) micro stream is used to increase the production of collagen and elastane and helps to quicken the cell turnover. Think of it as a facelift without the nasties.

In the third (last face) the 3MHZ Ultrasound is applied. This applicator has blue light actually lifts and fills fine lines intensely. If you have a double chin, it promises to help reduce this too. Even an acne prone skin is addressed.

Up to now I’ve had the privilege to experience several treatments and am very enthusiastic about the immediate results it gives. I will have up to ten treatments and show you the results on my Instagram account. (amandarijff) The treatment takes about 45 minutes and it’s actually very relaxing. At first it feels a little ticklish and funny, as your muscles contract even though you’re not asking it to.


Who benefits from the Ultratone lifting facial?

Just think about the fact that our skin starts to loose collagen from the age of 25. Natural collagen gets lets with about 1,5 % per year. To reduce the signs of aging as long as possible this treatment is recommended from the age of 25. You will soon see a dramatic improvement to the neck, chin and lines around the mouth and eyes. Ultratone’s gentle stimulation enhances skin circulation and purifies the subcutaneous tissues, giving you an improved complexion.

What are you waiting for? Go on, give it go at my favorite skin institute. The price per treatment is €129


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