Gladskin Skincare introduction

Just recently I was introduced to Gladskin. This Dutch high tech cosmetics brand that is composed in Switzerland primarily addresses skin that suffers from acne, eczema, shaving irritation and rosacea. A first I was a little sceptical. Is an acne gel or rosacea cream something that would work better than existing crèmes that addresses these matters?

After the introduction I was leaning to being convinced that there is something on the market that probably really works, and this is why: The Gladskin products are the only products in the world that attacks unwanted bacteria without disturbing the good bacteria, the ones we need to protect our skin. The active ingredient in the Gladskin products is the protein Staphefekt. This protein attacks the S. aureus bacteria as this bacteria is mostly responsible for inflammation. By shutting out this bacteria, skin can heal from irritation, pain and redness and itching.

Gladskin bottles

For the best results use it up to four weeks.

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