Goodmorning! How to on the morning after…the rescue remedies

Goodmorning! This is the first day of the new year. While the beat of the last record is probably still pounding in your head, you open an eye and close it again. The buckets of champagne you’ve had are still tingling your senses, and your mouth is pretty dry….Hangover? Nah, well maybe.

This is your wakeup call. Limit the damage with these tips!

Tempting as it is to stay in bed moaning, and swearing that you’ll never drink a drop, drag yourself out of bed and into the shower. If you have not removes your make up from last night, you might want to do so. Exfoliate, use a hydrating mask and wet a few cottons pads and put them in the freezer.

Get rid of puffiness under your eyes by increasing your intake of fluids to rehydrate the skin and hydrate skin under eye with a moisturizing eye cream. Have a healthy breakfast and before you get glued to your lounge suite, go outside for some fresh air. Your lungs will love the fresh air, and the mist will dissipate in your head.

Top 3 rescue skin remedies S.O.S.:

Rescue mask by Eve Lom
The ultimate deep cleansing treatment mask which helps to clear congested skin, enhances the overall skin condition and boost complexion.

Detoxygen Experience by Dr.Brandt
This 2-step system is formulated with oxygen spheres to deliver a more radiant, luminous complexion.


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