Guerlain Météorites make-up collection Spring 2014

This season freshness and especially light diffusing products are the trend. For Guerlain the Meteorites colored pearls that give a radiant and luminous complexion are the joy of spring. These colors are such fun to work with and the design has something nostalgic to it. It started with a jewellery box created in 1780 for Catherine de Médicis, a small round box decorated with 120 stones, designed to hold her jewellery sets and beauty secrets. Agates, jaspers, amethysts. All of these marvels were set in chiselled gold. A precious box whose rosette brings to mind the one that would decorate the first Météorites case in 1987. Today, the case reinvents itself with a silver body and fancy festoons…

One of my favorite products in this collection is the Bubble Blush. The gel texture comes in two candy colors and makes it easy to apply and for you to blend it in easily. For a little more coverage apply one of the bubble blush colors on the cheeks and blend it with your favorite blush op top. Just like a cherry. A lot of spring 2014 launches have pink as key color, making this Écrin four color palette pretty refreshing. From what I’ve heard this clever box of colours has become the favourite fashion accessory of stylish girls. The saturated colours swing! Mix the main aubergine with slightly frost highlight to get a nice yet approachable glance.

Meteorites case by Guerlain
Guerlain Météorites Bubble - LE

Ecrin 2 couleurs by Guerlain

Guerlain Gloss d' Enfer


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