Gwen Stefani for O.P.I. collection

This collection launched around mid-January, and instead of writing about it I used the collection during several shoots. The colors are intense, colourful and perfect to play around with.  From traditional red to pink and  holographic glitter. It’s all about the right pigment.

Gwen Stefani voor OPI O.P.I Push and Shove

There is one nail laquer that really stands out: Push and Shove. A chrome colored laquer with a high shine when applied in the right way. The laquer comes with a nail laquer called Lay Down That Base which you apply first to even out any unevenness.  Let your nails do the talking during an evening out with this mirror effect finish.


Gwen Stefani Collection by O.P.I 1Gwen Stefani Collection by O.P.I 1

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