HAIRTRENDS for FALL 2017-2018

Throw it in a ponytail, tie a bow on it, or simply push it back—hair this fall is all about the drama or simplicity. These are the prettiest hair trends for Fall 2017, straight from the runways.

Have you ever held a CD up to sunlight? The chrome-like side (not the side with that orange and brown striped pattern, if you’re holding up NYSNC’s “No Strings Attached”) refracts the sunbeams, throwing the prettiest blues, greens, pinks and yellows. Lucky for us, a few skilled hairstylists have found a way to bottle these hues. This might be something I will be looking into in the nearby future.

Meet hologram hair. it’s making glow-in-the-dark hair, proud. Colorists bring hair to a blonde base (yep, this one requires some bleaching), before introducing bright blues, baby pinks and soft lavenders into the mix. The trend is pretty ubiquitous on Instagram and is frequently referred to as “opal” hair. Sure, we see the resemblance, but we’re sticking with the CD analogy. Especially since holographic everything — nails and eye makeup, included — is having a futuristic moment.

And what about acid hair? All eyes were on a handful of models from New York to Paris thanks to their highly pigmented, brightly-colored hair. From canary yellow to electric blue, along with fluorescent pink, when it comes to color this season, anything goes as long as hair is well hydrated and cared for.

I’ll be hanging into the green coupe for a while and experimenting with bright and funky colors for winter. Life is too short to have boring hair, don’t you think?

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