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About 120 years ago, the old gas plant brought light to the streets and houses of Hamburg`s western districts for the first time. In the impressive and carefully restored industrial building, built with brick and steel, modern design and historical architecture form a magical harmonic interpretation – the Gastwerk, Hamburg’s first design hotel.

The brick hall of the building, flooded with light, reflects with its 6500 square feet the unique, loft-like character of the hotel, which ranks among the best hotel since its opening in 2000.

Hamburg00 Hamburg

Gastwerk offers 141 rooms, lofts and suites, a variably – configurable conference area, a restaurant called Mangold, the L.BAR, the Gastwerk SPA (which is absolutely fabulous after a shopping spree), 60 free parking spaces in front of the hotel and 20 parking spaces underground. Next to that Gastwerk offers a Mini Cooper for you to explore the city, which I think is a pretty nice gesture if you don’t have wheels.

gastwerk-hotel-hamburg-5 Gastwerk

The hotel rooms (see below) are the kind of hotel rooms you never want to leave. It’s bright and friendly, the suites are beautifully furnished. The temptation to stay a little longer is doubled, because of the approx. 90m ² and 1-3 rooms, a spacious lounge / living room, a roof terrace and a walk-in closet (YES!!) Much needed as I tend to choose not to choose when travelling. That’s why suitcases have wheels now.


When it comes to benefits the list is endless. It’s called indulge. Sit back and relax. Gastwerk offers plenty of space to live, work and for a private retreat which is perfect. No matter how long you stay, you will definitely feel at home from the beginning to end. I felt right at home especially with my ‘Guardian Angels’ by Vlieger & Van Dam.

Gastwek nieuw
I don’t know if this sounds familiar but I am quite sensitive when it comes to the choice of lightening in a room. Eventhough the hotel is quite spacious (as it was a industrial building), Gastwerk did a great job creating just the right amount of light to feel relaxed. The let’s –kick- of -my –shoes- and –have- a -drink kind of feeling.

If you’re visiting Hamburg and don’t wish to stay at Gastwerk you should at least have a drink in L.BAR, which a lot of Hamburgers do as this inviting hotspot is perfect for drinks and high-end beveragdes. I had an amazing time and I assure so will you.

Gastwerk Hotel

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