How to keep your focus while working from home during the Corona crisis

Ever since I started my own business, almost five years ago, I was introduced with partly working from home and creating the discipline and self-motivation you need to have to get ahead. Determination is key. In my case that means writing reviews and articles, working on business propositions and partnerships, public speaking bookings but also being able to think creatively as a content creator by thinkng out of the box.

These are challenging times for everyone on the planet, and just as for anyone else I find it a little bit harder to concentrate on work and follow up on the plans I have made for this year, as physical presence bookings are on hold until futher notice. In times like these, it’s not only important to stay safe, positive and healthy, but also to keep you sanity. I think you can relate. See below a few tips that have always helped to keep my focus and spirit.


The first thing I do when getting up in the morning is drink cooked water with lemon and ginger. Let’s call it my inner wake-up call. This helps your digestion along and works wonders for your skin.  Eat a healthy breakfast.

The second thing I love to do is meditate and practice YOGA. Especially now, as Yoga schools are closed I practice the exercises from home. During these moments I always reflect on everything I am thankful for, how small or how big they are while letting everything go for a moment. This helps to recharge and re-energize focusing on things that matter and on the day ahead.

Working out on a daily basis is a big part of my life. Whether it’s indoor at the gym or outdoor running in the woods, or going for a walk, it all comes down to the same thing: adding life to your days, instead of adding days to your life. As long as there is not a total lockdown in place, go for a little walk, get some fresh oxygen air.

Office at home method:

Plan the day in advance, write down what you want to have done and be realistic about how long each chore may take. Designate certain hours, put goals in place, and have a fixed place where you’re comfortable. Avoid things like laundry, cleaning etc. during this time. What you can do is reward yourself with small breaks after finishing tasks for example by chatting with other colleagues and friends to keep you going and motivated. Scroll thru Instagram to connect with like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s always interesting to meet new projects and feel inspired by great profiles.

Definitely avoid working from your bedroom how appealing it might seem. Wear comfortable clothes while working from home, but avoid Pyjama’s. If your dressed for it, your brain will think it’s bedtime.

React against pyamas by dressing up, as is you were going to work. I for instance, love to wear a hint of lipstick behind my office at home desk. It really works to get me in business mode.

Use this time to reinvent how you do what you do, bring consumers new alternatives, new value, and in the process even reinvent your own brand. Don’t let innovation stop, because this could be the window of opportunity.

That said; promise me to stay safe and stay indoors as much as you can. 

With love. xA

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