IL Profumo Eau De Parfum Favorites

I love perfume as it adds a little flavor to our existence, but also because it will add a pleasant scent to any face-to-face conversation, making someone’s day better just from smelling you (even from a distance). I am all for having a perfume wardrobe, choosing to wear different fragrances, just as you wear different clothes. I also believe that the more you are attuned to scents in your surroundings, the more you can really appreciate these simple pleasures.

Being aware of scents does not mean buying as much perfume as possible. You can be perfectly happy with only a couple of perfume bottles. The most important is that the perfume will bring a smile to your face, bring back memories, encourage you to make new ones, and lifts you up.

I have been introduced to IL Profumo years ago. A beautiful range of perfumes that work as an instant pick me up and even carry me from happy to ecstatic in a few seconds. My personal Il Profumo favorites are Mandarine, Chocolat, and Ambre D’or.
Mandarine is like sitting in the sunshine while eating a juicy mandarin. Fresh, fruity, and extraordinary with a touch of lychee and Cedarwood added to it.

Chocolat really smells like my favorite salt and caramel chocolate but without the extra calories. A lovely perfume for sweet tooths, and even when you’re not. It will always make you feel good. And, the chocolate is mixed with the seductive accents of patchouli. Yum!

Ambre d’Or is a rich and generous fragrance and one of the loveliest compositions of Amber I’ve had the pleasure to get my nose into. It contains a hint of myrrh to spice things up, and a dash of honey. (100 ML | € 129)

And just like that, a gloomy day seems brighter and warmer, even though nothing has actually changed. You are probably still sitting in the same place, yet you feel happier. This alone is worth relying on your nose more and maybe adding a new favorite perfume to your wardrobe.

IL PROFUMO is available HERE



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