Imedeen time performance. Beauty starts from within… The test!

I’ve been taking this supplement for at least four weeks, and even thought I am supposed to use it for at least 12 weeks, I want to share my enthusiasm with you. As a beautician and a makeup artist I am always looking for new approaches on improving my skin. Not a terribly difficult skin, but a shiny T-zone and discolorations every now and then is the shortcut to describing my skin type.

Imedeen helps to diminish fine line and wrinkles, improves the quality and hydration level of the skin by working below the epidermis of the skin where skin creams usually cannot get to.  In my experience Imedeen makes my skin feel and look softer, more tight and much smoother.

It’s rich in proteins and antioxidants that are composed by tomato extracts, a grape stone extract that protect the skin. And let’s not forget the vitamin C, essential in stimulating collagen. Recommendable? Definitely yes!  As beauty starts from within every little bit helps, and Imedeen is surely helping to maximize my skin to perfection. What else could a girl want?

All I need is al little bronzer and my kick-ass peachy lipstick and I am ready for take-off.


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