Custom made sprinkle painted make-up brushes from recycled wood

It was love at first sight when these fabulous make-up brushes were brought to my attention. They are the latest handmade brushes from Miriam  from  Jacks beauty line, who is a make-up artist.

They’re made in Germany and are of the highest quality. The handles are made of recycled wood and are sprinkled with fine acrylic paint and sealed with varnish. The ferrule is gold-plated which prevents the brush from losing hair.

The brushes have different hairs, varying from cashmere goat, sable, synthetic or pure squirrel hair. The choice of hair depends on the purpose of each brush to achieve the best possible result of your make up application. Each brush is handmade and therefore unique.

You can also complement the brushes with matching leather aprons and bags. Each bag is made from the finest goatskin, hand-dyed and sewn in Morocco. The colors may vary and can also be custom-made.

If you’re heading to Berlin you’ll be able to find the store with other magic brands as: My Beautiful day, Cosmetics a la carte,  ParisBerlin , Make-up designory and more…

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