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I don’t know what got into me as I always get my daily dosis of vitamins from my Versapers, but after I tasted the cold brew latte = cold brew coffee and vanilla almond milk, I was interested in trying other pressed juices from Juice Brothers. That said, I thought why not take it all the way and do a summer cleanse. First I needed to choose my duration: 1 day, 3 days, 5 days. A one day cleanse is more like an introduction, the second goes deeper, reaching the next level of health, the 5 day cleanse takes you all the way. Due to a busy scedule I decided to go for the three day deeper cleanse.


It contains the following: 1 Ginger Shot – 2 Master Cleanse – 3 Green Routine – 4 Dragon Breath –5 Force Of Nature – 6 Easy Going – 7 Vanilla Sky.

I do like a challenge even if its apparently minor. The first shot of concentrated ginger was intense and the master cleanse juice with Alkaline water, Maple syrup, lemon, and cayenne took me straight to the loo. That’s when I knew the cleansing has started. About every two hours I took another juice. Between the Green Routine juice (3) and Vanilla Sky (7) were about two hours. Bottle number three to six have nice flavors making them easy to drink as they were quite similar to the mixes I make at home.


I was actually looking forward to the Vanilla Sky untill the first sip. This brew contains almond milk, coconut sugar, vanilla powder and Himalaya salt. It might be great for digestion, rich in protein, and promises to have my skin look glowy and radiant, but I had a hard time swallowing as it smells like yoghurt gone bad. Anyway, maybe it just me and you’ll love it. In the end the first day was the hardest, but I was determined to finish the job as it’s only for three days.


I must say, I feel all cleaned up for summer, my skin looks radiant and I feel great. If I recommend it? Absolutely.

Go for it and happy cleansing!




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