Kiehl’s Introduces A Vetiver & Black Tea Range

Kiehl’s Vetiver was chosen for its sweet yet fresh aroma, and culled from sustainable farms on the tropical hills of Tahiti. Black tea on the other hand was harvested in the high mountains of Sri Lanka and delivers a smooth and citrusy aroma. Then and there a new perfume collection was born. A selection of woody notes with a soft earthy aroma of vetiver and a softening citrus aroma of black tea. Every formula consists of pure notes and take you all the way to the origin of Kiehls. You might want to get acquainted with the showergel, bodylotion and perfume. I know I do.

Kiehls Vetiver & Black Tea Range from € 19.00  Kiehls Vetiver & Black Tea Range from € 19.00

Kiehl’s Vetiver  is available at five exclusive selling points in the Netherlands and thru

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