Le Redouté fairy tale by Diptyque

And so the fairy tale begins. Just imagine a British lady coming to the store at Boulevard Saint Germain to present her own Potpourri collection to the founders of Diptyque. An ancient family recipe that contains a remarkable good combination of dried roses and spices called Redouté. The owner fell in love with the creation and they included it in their collection. Years later it vanished and the story could have stopped if the forgotten sachet was not found in one the shop drawers. This sachet was the inspiration for a new 34 candle.

A pre-Christmas kind of inspiration of a candle. It smells woody mixed with flowers, orange and cloves on a bed of roses, ceder and amber. Diptyque found two experts that are specialize in ceramics. that looks like marble. Technique of making the candleholder is key, fortune of the outcome was the rest. Because of the contrast between the colors, if you look long enough you’ll be able to see different things, from landscapes to mountains or wherever your imagination takes you.

This might not be the most typical Diptyque candle or maybe you’re just not be a potpourri fan, I know before this launch I was not, but this composition is like apple crumble pie in a yar and smells lovely. It will give you 70 hours of potpourri pleasure while looking at your landscape.

How fortunate Mrs. Mervin Redouté sachet was found in that probably dusty store drawer…

 Le Redoute Candle  by Diptyque | 220 gram / 60 euro

Le Redouté
Available thru www.skins.nl


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