Lingua Planta Natural Fragrances

Plant communication may still be a tiny field, but the people who study it are no longer seen as a lunatic fringe. Plants use a different form of communication, but it does not mean they don’t communicate. And what about plants communicating with humans? Imagine you are sitting in a room completely blindfolded. I come in and place an open bottle of perfume in the opposite corner of the room. A few minutes go by. You suddenly smell the perfume. You react! You might like the smell, or not. You wonder, is there someone else in the room? Did a flower just open? What is the message? The bottle of perfume is a liquid. Chemical reactions took place to release chemicals into the air, then moving through the air until they reach your nose.

Chemical reactions took place in your nose, which caused a chain reaction of more chemical changes that eventually reach the brain. if you redefine communication you can say plants communicate, but then you also have to accept the fact that a bottle of perfume also communicates. The language of scent as Lingua Planta likes to call it, offers a different and new perspective on greenery with molecular build perfumes. Hand blended in the Netherlands and made with natural essential oils and as ecologic as possible.

I fell in love with Henosis; calming Eau de parfum (50 ML | €120) and room spray (€ 48,00).
A powerful, smokey scent with the smell of a smoldering forest fire slowly wrapped in the soothing energy of Cedarwood and Frankincense. The sultry fumes of materials and Ambrette seeds are known to have a calming effect on human beings, while the Vetiver and Oakmoss help you feel grounded. Just like being on a retreat in a beautiful tropical forest while still in the comfort of your own home. If this sounds appealing, you might also want to try the Botanical hand sanitizer.

A naturally denatured perfumers alcohol with antiviral ingredients such as tea tree oil, anti-septic, disinfecting lemon-oil and calming lavender combined with ravintsara oil (known for preventing and treating all forms of viral infection, particularly respiratory – cold, flu, chills, myrrh, and olibanum). If this doesn’t soothe your senses, I don’t know what will.
(100 ML | €28)

About Merle Bergers: During her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven she grew more and more fascinated by the possible reality of plant communication. Nourished through books by the likes of forester ecologist Peter Wohlleben and writer-scientist Daniel Chamovitz she went on a journey to dig deep into the matter of plants fragrant messages. Built on the actual volatiles plants use to communicate Lingua Planta has its roots deep down in scientific research.


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