Look no further. This is exactly what you need for kissable lips this summer. LO lipcare contains no toxins of fillers, just active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Soy Waxes and oil and lemongrass just to name a few. They come in four different delicious flavors and are nearly eatable.

Tengo – is an uplifting buttery balm with a fusion of orange, mango and papaya which work together to promote collagen production for plump and juicy lips. TENGO’s fruity and floral freshness fades into sweet marmalade which is absolutely lovely.

Void – adapts to the color of the skin creating healthy looking lips with a perfect glow due to purple fruits contributing to luscious and voluptuous lips. Tinted Velvet Extacy

Bomba – Infused with alkanet (a red dye from the borage family plant) , rose oil and CO-2 extracts, BOMBA is contains a boost of nutritious. Rich red fruits and a hint of rose florals. You don’t see the actual color until after applying it onto the skin.

Bamboo – A refreshing balm that starts with a dewy damp to sink in leaving a long-lasting mat finish. The smell of eucalyptus keeps you sizzling. A perfect hydraing base underneath lipstick.

Did I mention that the LO lipcare smells utterly divine?
(4,5 gram | € 29)


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