We Love Make-up! Meet SMASHBOX 24 hour photo finish and more…

I had the privilege to have a one-on-one make-up session with the SMASHBOX make-up artist: Will Malherbe. A great guy with a lot of beauty knowledge and expertise which he was dying to share. The newest collection contains new eye shadow pallets, an 24 hour photo finish eye shadow primer, and a basic you can wear underneath the concealer. I will get back the last subject later.

We chose an interesting intense purple shade, with a build up from light to dark. To intensify the eyes we used a long wear black eye pencil. My eyebrows were shaped in brown tone, that was a perfect match a I bleach my eyebrows.

Shoot Smashbox Shoot Smashbox
Shoot Smashbox Shoot Smashbox

When it comes to the face, SMASHBOX is well known for their range of primers. The hydrating primer for instance nourishes and evens out the skin tone. If you have oily skin you can opt for the photo finish oil-free primer. I am fond of the camera ready BB cream with an SPF 35. A lightweight foundation that hides discolorations. It that works like a charm. I would recommend using the 24 hour photo finish shadow primer sparingly as it dries quickly and unfortunately does not leave much blending time.

Smashbox Lipgloss  24-Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer 20 euro

 A little highlighter and blush and some lipstick. As I am a soccer for matte lipsticks, this is what we used. I must say the I fell in love with pigmented be legendary lipgloss in posy pink and cognac. Gorgeous on its own, and even better over a matte lipstick.

Check out some pictures below. See some of the photoshoot pictures below by David Cohen de Lara


SMASHBOX is available thru www.douglas.nl

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