Loving Byredo’s New Hair Perfume – Available from the end of March 2015

I love wearing different kind of perfumes throughout the day depending on the mood that I’m in and where I am going. That’s probably the reason why people ask me why my bags always seem so heavy. I can truly say I carry my mood everywhere I go. With the launch of the Byredo hair perfumes, its going to be a challenge which perfume to take out in order to carry this divine yet lightweight hair perfume around.

Bal d’Afrique is a pretty romantic scent. It contains bergamot, fresh lemons, neroli and a bouquet of violets and jasmin to name a few. You will love it, I’m sure. I happen to know that the bottled version is very populair. If you’re not sure about the Bal d’Afrique hiar perfume, you should try one of the other options: Gypsy Water or Blanche.

Gypsy water is surpisingly nice. It opens lively with lemon and bergamot but makes a turn to the right with incense and fir needles. Then a touch of amber and vanilla. Blanche on the other hand is light and has a feminine touch to it due to violets and pink pepper.

The hair perfume collection €39 (75ml)  is available from the end of March 2014

Blanche Hair Perfume Byredo Bal D'Afrique hair perfume Gypsy Water Hair Perfume



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