Loving By Terry Cellularose Baume D’eau

Blue miracles in a yar do exist, I assure you. This one is called Cellularose and it ain’t for nothing. Creamy as  “butter”, light as a fluid; this is a unique water-based ointment which melts in a “splash” when applied to the skin. It has a light rose scent to it like fresh cut roses and brings a slightly resfreshing or tingling feeling to the skin after application. To benefit from the hydra-nourishing cure effect, apply at night on dry, tired and dull skin. Don’t forget to apply the gel based crème generously in particular areas to intensify the formula’s hydra-repair. It will work calming wonders after sun exposure. Leave it on until morning. Go for it.

By Terry Cellularose Baume D'Eau 30ml | 76 euro


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