Maison Crivelli Osmanthe Kōdoshān Eau De Parfum

This new edition to the Maison Crivelli perfume range is like a breath of fresh air. Those who are familiar with the Osmanthus scent know that the yellow-gold flower grown in Southern China can smell like dried or fresh fruit or even leathery depending on how Osmanthus is processed. If you would drink it like tea it’s said to have a sweet and buttery flavor and contains lots of antioxidants…

This impressive perfume opens with Star Anis (and feels like an instant shot of pick me up)
It also contains Sichuan pepper, black tea, patchouli, and tobacco. I love the fact that this gender-neutral perfume has a dark woody taste to it with a peppery bite, but it also brings a subtle licorice sweetness making it a perfect perfume to share.

Maison Crivelli is available HERE


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