Make Your Skin Shine Bright Like A Diamond

With summer just around the corner we feel the need to get in healthy looking shape for summer. Taking care of your skin by thoroughly cleansing on a daily basis, for instance with the Natura Bissé diamond white instant makeup remover is a good starting point but might not do the trick entirely.

Natura BiseeJPGFrom the inside out

What does add up to your daily routine is cleansing from the inside out. My favourite juices are the ones that help to brighten up my skin from within as it needs a steady stream of highly absorbable nutrients to keep it supple, strong and clear. Good skin is created from within and juices are the ideal skin food and can be easily adapted to suit varying skin conditions. Keep in the mind that the more colorful a vegetable is, the better it is for your skin Read all about my addiction for my Versapers on


Adding the cherry on top

After applying a Flawless face with the help of a brightening serum, a primer and a little Candlelight glow, adding a subtle sheen on the high points of the cheeks doesn’t only make you look healthy and sunkissed it can actually take a few years off. The Becca rosy gold shimmering skin perfector in Champagne Pop will definitely add some flavor.

The finishing touch

Throughout the years I’ve tried and tossed several reds and my favourite red doesn’t exist of just of one color. As we all know (red) lipstick is the little black dress of beauty. Red in particular is powerful, smart, sex, and iconic. It moves up every outfit instantly transforming jeans and a t-shirt into appropriate evening wear. Shine bright like a diamond and when in doubt wear a kick-as red.


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