Make-up On Your Mind 5 – Year Anniversary!

Make-up On Your Mind Time flies when you’re having fun. And it’s true. LinkedIn was so kind to remind me of my anniversary and it’s surprising. The first thing I thought was, is it five years already?

I started this online page as a reference manual for those seeking honest opinion about all things beauty. Mainly cosmetics and make-up as this is my core business as a make-up artist, but also fashion (able) items, as this was my former core business and I still have a fetish. Add the novelties and trends I pick thru my travelling and the idea for my page was born.

I am very grateful. Not only have I met a lot of amazing creative people through my page. It has brought make-up artistry collaborations beyond my imagination and a whole lot of other collaborations when I think of it.

Also I am grateful for the opportunity to review such a wide range of cosmetic brands and the ability to work with them on the artistry job as a make-up artist pro. In the end we all want what works best for us and brands keep evolving.

So thank you all for staying in touch thru my page. It’s very much appreciated. Moving forward,  2015 is going to be most exciting with a lot of news I am dying to share, but will not just yet.

Tune in, every now and again. I sure will keep you posted.

Oh, if you’re in a congratulating mood, feel free to hit the like button (if you haven’t already) on my Facebook page, or follow me on Instagram.



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