Makeuponyourmind goes FABELISH


We are live! Welcome on my renewed page. kicks off on where departs. Call it a FABELISH facelift if you will.

Next to the trusted tips, tricks and reviews you’ll be able to find “this really works” favourites from a pro in the know. Due to my background and passion for fashion (let’s not forget this was one of the reasons to invest in beauty in the first place) I’ll be able to give you a peek at my fashion finds and items that bring a smile of joy to my face.

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New are the “how to” video’s where I’ll be sharing my expertise as a Master Make-Up Artist & Flawless Face expert. You’ll also be able to find inspiring interviews with beauty professionals and FABELISH like-minded. Under the headline “Lifestyle” I’ll be taking you on a virtual journey to the best international spa’s, unique hideaways and cities. In short, a fabulous online page where inspiring fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics are brought together in a personal style. View, listen and enjoy!


Team FABELISH wishes you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

A special thanks to MRSDESIGN candles.

Warmest regards,


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